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This burns me up #justiceforavalynn

She was kicked until she fell off a slide at school. And the school did nothing because it’s he say/she say and no teachers heard her scream.

Somebody. Would. Have. DIED.

what state was this in? why were the students left unsupervised? is there a kickstarter/gofundme for her family’s lawyer fees because they need to sue the shit out of that school

It happened in Mississippi. Why am I not surprised….
This is absolutely terrible.

This doesn’t even look like a “fall off a slide” this looks like either a gang of kids or a grown ass adult assaulting her.

This is just fucking sickening.

This is graphic, I know but I need ya’ll to see this. 

I need you to just share this, these school systems get away with shit like this every day all day and expect the parents to take it in stride.

You send your child to school and they come back with permanent facial damage and scars for life and the administrators aren’t supposed to be held responsible for this?

This makes me so fucking sick, it’s a sick reality that tears me up inside and makes me sad and fearful for my future children’s lives. But it doesn’t have to be a constant.

If you have the funds please donate to the gofundme malikamany posted the link to, they need it for their lawyer fees and the last time I checked they were at 3.5k out of their 10k goal.

Please just spread awareness before they try to cover this up.


This could not possibly be me. I couldn’t be passive towards those who nearly killed my child.

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